Florian Marquard




FLORIAN MARQUARDT’s career brings to KLANGFEE media sound a treasure trove of knowledge and experience in sound-postproduction.
He first studied musicology and film science at the HUMBOLDT-UNIVERSITY BERLIN and FREIE-UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN (2000-2004) with a big interest in the THEORY of film music. In these years he composed contemporary autonomous music, produced crazy surround radio plays with berlin actors and artists, recorded music and created sound designs for short student films.
To form a practical counterbalance to his theory-oriented studies, he applied as sound engineer for audio-visual media at the Film and Television University (HFF „Konrad Wolf“, Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen, Potsdam-Babelsberg, 2004). He specialized in sound-design and re-recording (mixing) for theatrical movies and had the opportunity to practice several years at the industries standard mixing console (HARRISON MPC-4D). There were many projects running through his hands. Several stays abroad completed the study. He graduated in 2009.
A few years earlier in 2004 he founded KLANGFEE media sound. After his studies, he moved with the company to Halle (Saale). Here he continued working in his own studio and at the theatrical re-recording stage in the Multimedia Center (MMZ) in Halle. In June 2013, the Flood of the Century destroyed the MMZ studios. Like a phoenix from the ashes, the NEW KLANGFEE STUDIO re-opened in January 2014.