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VIRGINia is a documentary short film fragment about gender, art, sexuality – and Virginia Woolf. ‚Let me again be that girl. The girl I was once.‘

VIRGINia ist ein dokumentarisches Kurzfilm-Fragment über Geschlecht, Kunst, Sexualität – und Virginia Woolf. ‚Lass mich noch einmal das Mädchen sein. Das Mädchen von damals.‘

‚Your body was not recovered until the 18th April when it was discovered by children a short way downstream. Your husband identified your body, and an inquest was held the following day. The verdict was suicide while the balance of your mind was disturbed… today its my turn to go into the river, Ms. Dalloway.
P.S: I think two people could have been happier than we have been.
Yours, Vincent.‘

DE 2008.
DV. PAL. COLOUR. 22:30 Min.
English with german subtitles.